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Public Safety Tech Firm 3AM Innovations Raises $9M


The company aims to help emergency responders move past whiteboards and paper maps and adopt real-time, 3D technology. The investment comes as lessons emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Emergency response software company 3AM Innovations has raised $9 million in a Series A funding round led by Grand Oaks Capital. In a statement, the company framed the news as illustrating the “critical time for resilient situational awareness technology” as wildfires, storms, floods, mass violence and other such events become more intense and critical. The still unknown total costs and death toll of Hurricane Ian, which tested public safety technology and will certainly offer lessons for improvements, would seem to bolster that point.

New York-based 3AM, founded by a former firefighter, offers a platform called FLORIAN. According to the company, FLORIAN “dynamically creates a network of devices (like smartphones, smartwatches, GPS trackers) and decentralized software experiences designed to protect responders during all emergency situations. 3AM is leveraging artificial intelligence in efforts to automate alerting.” One of the company’s sales pitches is that FLORIAN improves upon emergency management operations that involved whiteboards and paper maps — that is, taking an analog process and making it digital, among the main drivers of government technology investment as 2023 approaches. The company’s platform offers real-time, 3D data to emergency responders. “The work 3AM is doing is essential. Whether you’re fighting wildfires or rescuing someone during a flood, 3AM enables first responders with critical capabilities, and we are excited to support their growth,” said Grand Oaks founder Tom Golisano in the statement. The company says the new funding will go toward expanding its presence worldwide. “We are thrilled to receive support from a top-tier investor to build technology that can help mitigate the risks for first responders combating wildfires, floods and other emergencies,” said Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM, in the statement.

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