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Featured in Firefighter Nation Magazine


3AM Innovations, an emergency response software company, recently announced $9M in Series A investment by Grand Oaks Capital, the investment firm founded by businessman and philanthropist Tom Golisano. This new investment comes as the intensity and frequency of extreme events – from wildfire, storms, floods, mass violence, and more – increases globally, making it a critical time for resilient situational awareness technology.

Started by a former firefighter, 3AM has built a software platform called FLORIAN which dynamically creates a network of devices (like smartphones, smartwatches, gps trackers) and decentralized software experiences designed to protect responders during all emergency situations. 3AM is leveraging artificial intelligence in efforts to automate alerting. Before FLORIAN, manual tools like whiteboards and paper maps made it very difficult for emergency responders to safely manage an unfolding situation. Now, first responders have a truly modern solution to assist during life-or-death incidents. With the FLORIAN platform, crews can share real-time, 3D understandings of active incidents to mitigate unnecessary risk and communicate more effectively.

“The work 3AM is doing is essential. Whether you’re fighting wildfires or rescuing someone during a flood, 3AM enables first responders with critical capabilities and we are excited to support their growth.” said Tom Golisano, founder of Grand Oaks Capital.

3AM’s FLORIAN platform has provided first responders with a common operational picture at major events, including sporting events (like the Superbowl and Indy500), numerous high-volume marathons, music festivals, and more. Partnering with global companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, and AT&T, 3AM is empowering first responders with essential technology. They are co-developing adaptive tools designed to enhance emergency response effectiveness throughout every stage of an incident.

“Microsoft has been working with 3AM since 2019 – first by co-developing artificial intelligence and now, together we look to bring augmented reality to public safety and defense. Through our partnership, we have been impressed with 3AM’s practical and gritty approach to solving problems that first responders face every day. We look forward to supporting them as they integrate modern capabilities into modern emergency operations,” said Kirk Lonbom, director of Public Safety and Justice Strategy and Solutions at Microsoft.

This investment will provide the capital to help 3AM expand their emergency response technology worldwide. In conjunction with this investment, 3AM’s founders have nominated board member Mel Passarelli to take on the role of CEO.

“We are thrilled to receive support from a top-tier investor to build technology that can help mitigate the risks for first responders combating wildfires, floods, and other emergencies,” said Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM. “This accomplishment is a testament to the progress we have made with our partners so far, and we can’t wait to serve more teams, helping to protect the brave men and women who protect us.”

About 3AM Innovations

3AM Innovations is protecting those who protect us with technology. Their FLORIAN software platform provides first responders with an adaptive 3D toolset, designed to empower tactics and connect decision makers. Leveraging the interoperability of IoT, 3AM continues to integrate FLORIAN with partners who can help them save lives. With decades of incident command experience and the power of artificial intelligence, 3AM is converting the organized chaos of an emergency into actionable intelligence.

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