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Incident Command Software FLORIAN®, developed to support your decision making, situational awareness, and resource tracking.


Certified reseller of hardware which FLORIAN® can run on, including phones, tablets, and GPS trackers.

Use Cases

Urban Fire

With 3AM’s software, emergency responders can seamlessly maintain vital connectivity while navigating the intricate and often unpredictable terrain of densely populated urban centers. Our software offers comprehensive features, including route planning, real-time location tracking, and elevation data, all accessible both online and offline. These capabilities are specifically designed to address the unique challenges posed by urban environments, ensuring that responders have the critical information they need when they need it most.

Rural Fire

In rural areas, the challenge of firefighting is often compounded by limited resources and a heavy reliance on volunteer personnel. In such environments, the need for effective communication and resource management becomes paramount. This is where 3AM steps in with a user-friendly and easily deployable decision support system that leverages the devices firefighters already possess. Our software is designed to address the unique challenges faced by rural firefighting teams. By utilizing the devices readily available to firefighters, we enable them to efficiently manage incoming personnel, communicate vital assignments, and maximize overall firefighting efficiency.

Wildland Fire

As our wildlands continue to evolve, influenced by both natural processes and urban expansion, a pressing concern emerges: the heightened risk of wildfires. With this growth, the potential for larger and more destructive fires escalates. These larger fires demand increased resources – more engines, more personnel, more air support – and, crucially, flawless communication systems to effectively combat the threat and minimize damage.

Solution Spotlight

Tracking Field Operations in Comms-Denied Areas

3AM trekked deep into the hills above San Bernadino alongside 25 wildland crew members in a simulated exercise to put our FLORIAN® platform to the test. This proof-of-concept demonstration set out to measure the accuracy of the platform’s tracking on X and Y axes in a communications-challenged environment.

Special Events

3AM’s software and comprehensive suite of services have a well-established history of success in the Special Events space, where we play a pivotal role in bolstering security teams by facilitating seamless resource management, incident tracking, communication, and meticulous documentation during high-profile, large-scale events. One standout feature which sets 3AM’s software apart is its elevation tracking functionality, enabling users to pinpoint individuals’ locations, whether they are below ground or on different floors, a particularly vital capability when personnel are spread over a wide area with multiple levels of elevation. 

Upcoming Events

3AM Team at Philly FD Philadelphia Fire Department selects 3AM Innovations as the preferred vendor for their (PAS) Personnel Accountability System.

Philadelphia Fire Department selects 3AM Innovations as the preferred vendor for their PAS (Personnel Accountability System)

Buffalo, NY, May 2024 – The Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) has selected Buffalo-based tech firm 3AM Innovations to elevate their incident management and personnel accountability. Under the terms of the…