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Boston Marathon

3AM Innovations collaborated with the Boston Fire Department to provide invaluable support to their EMS teams and bomb squad during their oversight of the Boston Marathon. Using 40+ devices, we harnessed the power of FLORIAN to enhance communication capabilities and streamline personnel tracking throughout the entire course. The team was able to digitize the (ICP) Incident Action Plan into FLORIAN and equipped each active personnel with a phone running FLORIAN. This enabled precise tracking of their location and presence within the established geo-fence.

As incidents unfolded and teams were dispatched to a specific incident, their color representation in FLORIAN transitioned from blue to red, providing a visual cue to indicate engagement. Leveraging FirstNet’s robust connectivity ensured reliable communication, unaffected by heavily trafficked frequencies. The real-time insights from FLORIAN proved crucial when it detected that an EMS crew was out of position, meaning a second team was swiftly dispatched, shortening the time to care. Leveraging FLORIAN’s capabilities allowed dispatch to deploy the team closest to incidents, guaranteeing rapid and efficient responses to emergencies.


3AM Innovations collaborated with the leading events firm Stratoscope to support their operations at two major tech conferences in August 2023 and September 2023. The primary objective for 3AM was to provide location tracking for their leadership team to track key event resources throughout the overall campus for the events.
In the Event Operations Center (EOC), FLORIAN’s command interface enabled real-time monitoring of the locations of key resources and medical teams. Simultaneously, the FLORIAN app was deployed on the mobile phones of all zone leads and EMS field operatives, allowing their locations to be relayed to the EOC in real-time. This setup provided a comprehensive, real-time status overview, instant communication, and a clear understanding of the locations of all personnel, supporting the efficient deployment of resources and a swift response if necessary.
One of FLORIAN’s particularly valuable capabilities at these events is its ability to locate personnel at any elevation, whether they were working at basement level or several stories above ground. Additionally, FLORIAN facilitated the tracking of the teams assigned to VIPs, enabling the handoff team to be adequately prepared for their reception.