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Location Intelligence: Optimizing Team Safety and Event Security

Personnel at an event being located through location intelligence.

How do you protect your team as they protect others? In the event security space, ensuring the safety of both attendees and security personnel is critical. When managing an event of any scale, from small corporate gatherings to large music festivals, a swift response to emergencies is vital. Location intelligence is the ability to precisely pinpoint the location of security personnel and the route they took to that point in real-time. Location intelligence supports the efficiency of emergency response and bolsters the safety of the responders.

Why is location intelligence important? 

There are numerous benefits to having the ability to locate individuals in your team at any given moment. However, when it comes to increasing safety the importance of location intelligence cannot be overstated. At the heart of effective security management is safety. How can you keep your people safe if you don’t know where they are? In the most serious of circumstances, being able to instantly locate and deploy teams could be the difference between life and death. 

Imagine this: your team is managing security for a large-scale music event. A call comes in – there’s been a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. Caring for the victim requires your team to find them in a crowd, assist them, and then get them to safety. Instantly knowing which response team is nearest to the incident significantly reduces response time, expediting care and the evacuation process. That ability also extends to getting help to your team should they need assistance themselves. If you can glance at your screen and immediately determine where your people are and the route they took, you can rapidly deploy the closest team to assist them.  

Location intelligence in action

Recently, 3AM Innovations supported the Philadelphia Fire Department at The Broad Street Run in Philadelphia. The teams used 3AM’s decision support software platform, FLORIAN, which has Automated Personnel Location (APL) capability. This set of features enables the incident commanders to locate personnel on a 3D map at any elevation. The standard operating procedure for a medical incident is to deploy the security team assigned to that specific area. However, during the Broad Street Run when an incident did occur, FLORIAN’s APL revealed that there was a different team closer to the incident. That team was promptly dispatched to the scene, shortening the time to care for the victim.

The elevation capabilities of FLORIAN were leveraged to great effect at the Google Next Conference in the Spring. Hosted in Las Vegas, the 3AM team supported the on-site security team handling the event. Through FLORIAN’s Automated Personnel Location (APL) the Event Operations Manager was able to determine where any member of their team was at any time, across multiple venues, and on any floor, above or below ground. Ensuring full oversight of the sprawling event area from the Event Operations Center. This proved particularly useful when moving the key talent and executives between locations. Enabling precision timing of hand-off between the VIP, Zone, and courtesy teams. This highlights the tangible impact of leveraging location intelligence in optimizing event security. 


Co-founded by an ex-firefighter motivated to improve the way first responders are tracked during an incident, 3AM Innovations is dedicated to developing technology that revolutionizes incident management. With flagship solution, FLORIAN integrating cutting-edge technology to offer an automated decision support platform. Built to amplify accountability and streamline incident command.

With FLORIAN, Security and Emergency Managers gain a comprehensive view of their operation on a single customizable screen. They can determine their teams’ locations, allocate resources, view a 3D or satellite map, and geofence specific areas to designate as safe zones. Furthermore, as FLORIAN is device agnostic it will work with most of the hardware the teams already carry (cell phones, wearable GPS, radios, or tablets). Furthermore, through the power of artificial intelligence, FLORIAN will automatically alert when an operator says a trigger phrase, such as “mayday”. Further enhancing personnel safety. 

What does location intelligence mean for event security?

Beyond enhancing safety, the adoption of a comprehensive platform like FLORIAN has a wide range of benefits for security teams. Including advancing operational efficiency, situational awareness, and responsiveness. Equipped with data from FLORIAN, security managers can assign roles, cover a wider area, and ensure personnel are at their posts and following procedure more efficiently. Furthermore, FLORIAN’s real-time communication features facilitate rapid information exchange between field teams and command centers even in comms denied areas. Resulting in a more organized and secure event environment. 

As security threats continue to evolve, so must our approach to event management. Security teams can increase the safety of event attendees and their own personnel with location intelligence. FLORIAN demonstrates the transformative potential of such technology in enhancing event security and ensuring safer environments for all involved. 

About 3AM Innovations  

3AM Innovations delivers advanced 3D technology solutions for the public safety sector. Empowering all public safety personnel with crucial information for incident management support. Leveraging the interoperability of IoT, 3AM integrates its core incident command platform FLORIAN with global partners to significantly expand its capabilities. 3AM combines decades of incident command experience with the power of artificial intelligence. 3AM converting the organized chaos of an emergency into actionable intelligence. To learn more about 3AM Innovations and its offerings, visit www.3aminnovations.com

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