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3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety Announces SCBA Telemetry Integration with 3AM Innovations



3M Scott Fire & Safety is excited to announce a collaboration with industry-leading incident management provider, 3AM Innovations, to leverage critical SCBA telemetry data via an application programming interface (API) with 3M™ Scott™ SEMS II Wireless SCBA Telemetry System, giving incident commanders a more complete common operating picture on the fireground. 3AM Innovations joins Adashi Systems, a Versaterm Public Safety Company and Systems Definition, Inc. (SDI) as the only incident management providers who can boast this groundbreaking new capability.

The solutions provided by these companies are now empowered to provide incident command with air, PASS and EVAC data while establishing and maintaining command. Additional alert notifications – high-flow or no-flow condition at full-alarm PASS – provide incident command with enhanced situational intelligence to guide critical decision making. The telemetry data is further improved by giving incident command the ability to electronically call for a personnel accountability report (ePAR).

“We see the desire firefighters have to upgrade their technologies and capabilities and better serve their communities. By incorporating 3M Scott telemetry data into our FLORIAN interface, 3AM Innovations provides more critical data to incident commanders without requiring them to change screens or operating procedures,” said Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM Innovations. “This partnership showcases the value that technology can bring to the fire service, enabling them to make data-driven decisions using the tools they already have.”

About 3M

3M offers a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of personal protective equipment solutions including 3M Scott SCBA, handheld and hands-free thermal imagers, voice communication devices and firefighter accountability solutions. Most notably the 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ SCBA is used by firefighters, military, civil defense and industrial workers around the world.  3M.com/ScottFire

About 3AM Innovations

3AM Innovations provides leading edge 3D technology solutions to empower fire departments, police and other critical first responders with the information they need to save lives in the field. 3AM leverages the interoperability of IoT and data from global partners into its FLORIAN platform to expand the decision-making capabilities of first responders. With decades of incident command experience and the power of artificial intelligence, 3AM is converting the organized chaos of an emergency into actionable intelligence. Learn more at www.3aminnovations.com.

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