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3AM’s FLORIAN Software Becomes FirstNet Verified

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3AM Innovations has developed an on-scene situational tracking solution for first responders called FLORIAN. FLORIAN is a network of electronics, software, and people designed to protect those who protect us. FLORIAN’s tablet app provides commanders with 3D awareness of their personnel and seamless insights into their tactics. FLORIAN’s mobile app provides operators with screenless tracking and private communications. FLORIAN’s web app provides districts with a common operational picture and automated resource management. All of FLORIAN’s data is sync’d to a secure cloud where it will only ever be used to customize experiences and enable departments to evolve their procedures and maintain the wellness of their personnel. With 3AM Innovations’ growing team of pragmatic technologists and respected commanders, this is only the beginning of bringing meaningful, practical, integrated technology to first responders.

What’s New

Android: – Android app now respects shared scribble data created by users in FLORIAN for Windows (1664)

About this Developer

3AM Innovations is a first responder focused company whose mission is to protect those who protect us the best way we know how… with technology!

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