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3AM Innovations Unveils Monitor: The Power of an EOC in the Palm of Your Hand

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3AM Innovations branded FLORIAN Monitor demo screen

Buffalo, NY, March 2024 – 3AM Innovations proudly introduces Monitor, a new package from incident command platform, FLORIAN.  A groundbreaking solution which empowers users by putting the power of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) directly in their hands. On a single screen, incident commanders, on-site security managers, emergency managers, and law enforcement supervisors can access all critical information points needed to direct teams and deploy resources.

Monitor’s interface is designed to display tiles containing both pre-set and real-time information, all on a single screen. Users have the flexibility to integrate any predetermined URL into the tiles, offering limitless options for data sources. Additionally, the tiles can be populated with information from a suite of integrated apps, including 3D mapping, satellite mapping, weather tracking, drone feeds, note-taking, instant messaging, news feeds, and more. These capabilities are made possible through 3AM’s partnerships with leading technology providers. Notably, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Whiteboard, and Microsoft Maps are all available for use in Monitor.

Users of Monitor have the flexibility to choose their own tile configuration, selecting any variation and size between 1 and 16 tiles on the screen. This customization feature lets users tailor Monitor to provide the most relevant information for their situation. Any of the tiles can be maximized for easier viewing, returning to the default view when minimized.

“We know Monitor is a game-changer—it streamlines and simplifies the delivery of critical information in a field where every second truly counts.” Said Patrick O’Connor, President, and Co-founder of 3AM Innovations. “It’s time to free incident commanders from being overburdened with excess technology so they can focus on what’s important.”

“Our mission is to put the best technology in the hands of first responders. This is what Monitor does, it places the power of an Emergency Operations Center right in your hands. All the critical information you need is on one screen, and you customize it to best fit your needs, no more juggling multiple devices.”

Mel Passarelli, CEO of 3AM Innovations

“By leveraging the power of the cloud-based tools available in FLORIAN’s Monitor package, public safety operations and emergency management entities can maintain awareness of the multitude of incoming feeds and data streams for any given incident.” said Microsoft’s Senior Business Strategy Manager, Chad Wallace said. “This enables decision-makers to quickly analyze and act in a more informed manner, improving their ability to respond to emergencies and protect their communities.”

Interested parties can take advantage of 3AM’s risk-free 30-day trial to enjoy a true single-pane-of-glass experience. If they are not completely satisfied with the benefits the Monitor package brings, they can simply request a refund.*

To find out more about Monitor and how it could benefit your department, visit: www.3aminnovations.com.

Press contact: Ellie Bancroft, ellie.bancroft@3aminnovations.com

About 3AM Innovations

3AM Innovations provides leading edge 3D technology solutions to empower all public safety personnel with the information they need to save lives in the field. Leveraging the interoperability of IoT, 3AM continues to integrate its core incident command platform FLORIAN platform with global partners to expand its capabilities. With decades of incident command experience and the power of artificial intelligence, 3AM is converting the organized chaos of an emergency into actionable intelligence. Learn more at 3aminnovations.com.  

*Terms & Conditions

Trial Period: The 30-day trial period begins upon activation of the Monitor by 3AM package. Users may cancel at any time during this period to receive a full refund.

Refund Policy: To request a refund, users must contact our customer support team within the trial period. Refunds will be processed promptly, excluding any applicable fees or charges.

Usage Restrictions: Users are expected to adhere to the terms of service and acceptable use policy during the trial period. Any misuse or abuse of the service may result in the cancellation of the trial and forfeiture of any refund eligibility.

Availability: This offer is subject to availability and may be discontinued or modified at any time without prior notice.

Legal Compliance: Users are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations while using Monitor by 3AM. The company reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts found to be in violation of these terms.

Limitation of Liability: Monitor by 3AM and its affiliates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the product, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

By participating in the trial, users agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. For inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer support team.

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