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3AM Gets NSF Grant


3AM innovations creates tracking technology for firefighters that aims to prevent deaths and injuries that happen in the line of duty. The system is composed of wearables for each firefighter which allows the incident commander to look at the software interface and track firefighters inside a building in 3D and also measure the ambient temperature around each of those firefighters.

Through the I-Corps National Teams Program, 3AM used NSF funding to travel the country and conduct customer interviews.

“We were able to meet customers that we hadn’t had exposure to so far,” said Director of Customer Success, Sarah Taylor. “For example, we met with the Las Vegas fire department and learned how they fight fire in extreme heat as opposed to here in upstate New York during the winter months. Their processes are incredibly different and we had to learn and adapt our product to what that would look like.”

Taylor and the team visited 18 states and spoke to over 150 customers and other individuals who are invested in the ecosystem of fire safety in the United States.

“Absolutely the most valuable part of our I-Corps experience was getting in front of customers,” Taylor noted. “We had an interview with a fire chief who talked about the millions of dollars they’re spending on existing life safety solutions that are currently not working. It validated that they are looking for a solution, and have the budget and will to change but the solution hasn’t been brought to the market yet.”

When asked if 3AM would participation in the National Teams program again, Taylor noted:

“I would 100% do it again. My whole background is in customer experience, customer support, and anything customer based, and to get to paid to talk to customers is the best experience I could ask for.”

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