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Incident Response for Firefighters

Urban Environment

3AM Innovations partnered with the San Bernardino Fire Service to thoroughly assess FLORIAN’s performance in an urban environment. In this rigorous simulation, firefighting teams were tracked with FLORIAN-enabled smartphones as they navigated a multi-story structure. Outside, the Chief managed operations with the FLORIAN incident command platform. Utilizing the Workspaces view, he was able to allocate resources, making annotations directly on the screen, and monitor the movements of each firefighter in real time. This dramatically enhanced the Chief’s situational awareness and made critical information readily available in a single screen, ensuring resources were deployed in the most efficient manner. 

During the exercise, a firefighter initiated a mayday call to test the speed and accuracy of FLORIAN’s AI speech detection. Instantly, the Chief was able to identify the precise location of the distressed firefighter, send the nearest responder to help, and bring the distressed firefighter to safety in less than 90 seconds.

Wildland Environment

3AM trekked deep into the hills above San Bernardino, California, alongside 25 wildland crew members in a simulated exercise to put our FLORIAN platform to the test. Our software successfully and consistently followed individual participants throughout the event, tracking devices while they were both online and offline (while in LTE-denied environments). Participants were able to deliver on-scene video from their devices directly back to command. Attendees unanimously agreed that 3AM’s ability to seamlessly combine connectivity, online and offline operation, and triple-axis tracking capabilities alongside real-time personnel management was in a standalone class.