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DECISIONS UNDER FIRE: Optimizing Firefighter Operations with Actionable Intelligence

September 27, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

The “holy grail” of firefighting has become a hot topic, referring to the ability to track firefighter activity throughout a disaster or hazardous event. Fire industry leaders understand that technology solutions should be available to help them address this but are often left in the dark about those solutions or how to implement them.  

  • Uban search and rescue teams recognize the need for personnel tracking on an X, Y, and Z (height) axis, but are often unaware if these can be easily viewed on a map.  
  • Wildland firefighters need to keep track of their teams in austere environments with limited or no LTE service, yet do not believe they have the tools required to do so. 

This is why 3AM is teaming up with the California Association of Fire Chiefs (CalChiefs) to dig deeply into the unique hazards firefighters face and demonstrate how today’s technologies can integrate to optimize firefighter decision making in the field.

During this webinar, you will:  

  1. See the “holy grail” of location tracking in action with a live demonstration of 3AM’s command and accountability software 2.
  2. Hear directly from fire chiefs in large, cross-agency teams and small rural departments as they share their experiences with technology in a diverse set of hazards  
  3. Learn how you can implement technology in your department to dramatically improve response operations and firefighter safety